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This page contains all the important login pages which Amity University (All Amity campus) offers. It includes AMITY Amizone loginMICROSITE login, OPEN LEARN, students and parents portal, courses and more premium degree features adding soon…

Amity University


Amity Amizone login from here, & access your portal.

This website designed and managed by the Amity University’s IT Team where the students get access to everything the university has to offer.

It includes all the academic related stuffs like assignments, academic calendar, Timetable, course details etc. and administration related things too.

Amity University, one of the most prestigious universities in India, has launched a new online education platform called Amity Amizone.

This platform offers a wide range of courses and programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees, as well as various certification and professional development programs.

One of the major advantages of Amity Amizone is its flexibility. Students can access course materials and attend virtual classes from anywhere, at any time. The platform also allows for interactive learning, with features such as live discussions and online quizzes. This means that students can continue their education even if they are unable to attend traditional on-campus classes.

Amity Amizone: A World-Class Education Platform


Another advantage of Amity Amizone is its high-quality content. The platform offers a variety of courses taught by experienced and qualified faculty members from Amity University. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

Additionally, it provides students with the opportunity to network and collaborate with their peers and industry professionals.

It also offers a wide range of support services to ensure student success. These include academic counseling, career services, and access to library resources.

The platform also provides students with the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and clubs, which can help them develop important skills such as leadership and teamwork.

Overall Status

Amity Amizone login from here, & access your portal.✅ It is an innovative and comprehensive online education platform that provides students with the opportunity to access high-quality education from anywhere, at any time.

Its flexibility, interactive learning, and support services make it an ideal choice for students who wish to continue their education while balancing other commitments.

With it, students can achieve their academic and career goals and build a brighter future.


Students can upload and download the assignments from this portal. They can also access the placement portal for placement related assistance and guidance.

Amizone amity is now fresh new!! It has become extremely simple and user friendly because of improved and appealing aesthetics and design.
Simply enter your log in credentials, and the login site very page that appears displays numerous tabs, one of which is the Amizone amity attendance tab!
If you want to see the detailed attendance for each specific subject, go to courses and you’ll see all the courses aligned with the attendance!

If you have not yet been accepted, use your admission number and password (from the microsite) to log in. However, if you have not yet taken any examinations or interviews, you can just utilise the microsite.


Login to Amity Amizone Microsite here, & access your portal.✅

Microsite is a window for two-way communication between the student and University.

You can log on to the Admission Microsite via (Portal for all important amity logins at 1 place). After that select Microsite button. Use the Form number and Password given to you while filling out the Application Form.


There is no separate communication regarding the application, admission, or selection process.


Amity Education Group is India’s biggest independent education company, rated in the top 3% of universities worldwide by QS (we are ranked #1 in India and #37 in the world for our flagship programme, Online MBA), UK rankings, and the only university in India with the highest US and UK accreditation. In the United States and Canada, our programmes are also WES certified. We were the first in India to have our online programmes approved by the UGC.

List of Amity Global Campuses

Amity University has a global presence. The list of campuses of the varsity located outside India are mentioned below:

  1. Amity University London
  2. Amity University Singapore
  3. Amity University Abu Dhabi
  4. Amity University Romania
  5. Amity University Dubai
  6. Amity University Mauritius
  7. Amity University South Africa
  8. Amity University China
  9. Amity University New York
  10. Amity University Seattle
  11. Amity University San Francisco
  12. Amity University Amsterdam
  13. Amity University Tashkent

One of the largest educational conglomerates in the country, Amity University, was established in 1995 and today it offers more than 300 courses to students. The university was ranked 58 in Top Universities in India 2019 ranking released by NIRF.


Amity University offers UG, PG and PhD programmes to aspirants in all academic streams such as Management, Engineering, Science, Law, Design, Teaching, Liberal Arts, Hotel Management, Arts, Humanities & Social Studies, Medicine & Health Sciences, Commerce, etc. To its credit, the University has 6,000 published papers, 500 books authored, 607 patents filed and 4,500 academicians, scientists, and researchers on its panel.

List of Amity Global Business Schools with its AMIZONE

There are 11 campuses of Amity Global Business Schools spread all over India. Students get international exposure when they opt to pursue courses offered at any campus of Amity Global Business School (AGBS).

Time needed: 1 minute

How to Login to amity microsite student portal

  1. Search on google for amity amizone login sstalks.

    This contains all important login portals at one place

  2. click on website to access all Amity Portals at one place.

  3. Click on Amity Amizone portal Button.

  4. Enter your Amity credentials to login.

  5. Now you can access the portals without any issue.


Amity Amizone login from here, & access your portal.
It includes all the academic related stuffs like assignments, academic calendar, Timetable, course details etc. and administration related things too.


Login to Amity Amizone Microsite here, & access your portal.✅
Microsite is a window for two-way communication between the student and University.

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